All the football tournament packages include accommodation based on a combination of holiday parks and hotel units. All these units have been carefully selected to offer all teams comfortable accommodation and easy access from the accommodation sites to the football tournament playing venue. Teams interested to participate in the tournament should check the information about each site and inform us during registration about their preferred accommodation venue. Each site has a limited number of beds, so reservations on each site will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If instead, you would like your team to stay in a hotel in the area nearby, we can quote you on request.

If you wish to enjoy your Easter break and stay in Lisbon for one or more extra nights, please let us know during your initial contact with us so that we can quote accordingly. There are many leisure activities available in Lisbon if you are staying in town for a little longer. Check what you can do in Lisbon for options.

bungalow park

3 star standard hotel

4 star standard hotel