Portugal Travel Insurance: complete protection from COVID-19

Portugal Travel Insurance: complete protection from COVID-19

Prevent unforeseen events related to COVID-19 with Portugal Travel Insurance, including refunds for flight cancellation or interruption. Travel to Portugal with the extra protection of a comprehensive travel insurance updated to the new reality of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. 

Were you planning on registering your team for Lisbon Football Youth Cup, but fearful of the possible implications of the pandemic? 

Worry no more: Move Sports - Lisbon Football Youth Cup event organiser - has partnered up with an experienced travel insurance company and the Portuguese National Tourist Authority to create Portugal Travel Insurance, a new COVID-19 ready travellers protection that provides unlimited access to a tourist assistance service and complete coverage for unforeseen situations, thus taking the edge out of travelling abroad and getting you and your team in the right set of mind to enjoy your stay in Portugal!

Portugal Travel Insurance will be available for all Move Sports sports tours, training camps and tournaments in Portugal, as is the case with Lisbon Football Youth Cup. Contact us for more information. 


What's included with Portugal Travel Insurance?

Portugal Travel Insurance provides you with:

Unlimited access to a tourist assistance service 

  • Medical advice;
  • Online medical consultation;
  • Information about hospitals, clinics and doctors best suited to the situation;
  • Visit by a doctor at your hotel or tourist resort;
  • Urgent shipping of medication;
  • Ambulance and rescue services to the nearest hospital;
  • Repatriation to the point of origin when in a terminal stage or similar;
  • Assistance for luggage theft in Portugal. 

Complete coverage for unforeseen situations 

  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses in Portugal;
  • Repatriation to the point of origin or in the event of the death of the insured person;
  • Follow-up in case of hospitalization, with transportation and accommodation;
  • Children care; 
  • Return ticket and stay for a family member in case of illness or covered accident; 
  • Extension of hotel stay;
  • Travel cancellation caused by COVID-19; 
  • Travel disruption caused by COVID-19; 
  • Assistance in case of identification documents theft.

Contact Move Sports for advice on how to add this coverage to your trip.